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With the low employment rate we are currently experiencing, Zimbabwe has just started experiencing some of crimes that we have never anticipated before. Criminals are getting smarter as educated people are being left jobless hence resorting to crime. As Corporates you have to position yourselves to deal with the risks in your business. We are experiencing major break in’s that are intelligently executed and have various con artists in the country with bogus businesses, out to fleece Corporate organizations. First and foremost, a company must come up with a Comprehensive Security Plan which should have the following key aspects:
– Communication: All employees who deal with external organisations should be cautioned to assess who they deal with and raise an alarm if they is any suspicion.
– Risk Analysis: analyse key areas in your organization were risk is greater and work on minimizing those risks. We can carry out a security survey on your behalf and provide you with tailor made ways to mitigate those risks.
– Implementation: is key to successfully preventing loses. This should be done with the aid of security professionals to make it full proof.
– Monitoring: constant monitoring of proceedings is imperative to ensure the system is being implemented as planned.
– Security Reviews: These should be done quarterly in order to replace failed systems with better ones and to upgrade systems as knowledge base increases as a way of continual improvement.
Top management must take the first step to produce and implement security plans through the development of a comprehensive security policies involving the above key aspects. The plan must be documented, communicated to all stakeholders and should be reviewed periodically. There should be definite measures put in place to mitigate the risks identified. It must have the implementation aspect clearly spelt out. In all this, management involvement is critical.

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