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In today’s world, change and uncertainty are constants. The application of technology is now an integral part of security solutions.
Many organisations are now faced with many different types of risk.

Modern multiple risk profiles of companies now demand a coordinated, systematic and integrated approach to enable companies to increase their ability to achieve their goals.

Security equipment such as CCTV cameras, recorders, access control, perimeter fencing and intruder alarms can be integrated. While it was expensive and difficult in the past for these varied systems to talk to each other, the technology has now become an inexpensive “plug and play” solution – the in built technology manages all aspects of integration.

With these systems though, it is imparative that they be installed correctly to ensure that they can serve the purpose they were installed for. For example a CCTV system installed in a way that leaves a lot of blind spots is a wasted investment in that it cannot fully carryout its purpose. When installing security systems please use seasoned proffesionals in the security industry with contactable references.

Call in a professional to carryout a security survey for you and give reccomendations (you can contact us for these). This ensures that you have value for your investment. Different security systems serve different purposes in different environments, hence the wrong or cheapest system might be of no value to your particular security needs.

Corporates and home owners need to know that its not just having a security system that will reduce security risk but its having the right security system. The wrong security system will as a matter of fact increase risk due to giving you a false sense of security.

Take into mind your security needs before installing security systems and always get professional advice in order for you to make a solid investment.
NB: SECURICO will conduct a security survey for you at no cost.

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