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Home Alarms Systems… an affordable option to your safety

We always want our families and assets to be safe. It is one of the most important things to us. With the state of our current economy, crime has become more prevalent in residential areas. To reinforce security at your home, one can consider installing a home alarm systems. Aside from the fact that it is affordable to have a home alarm system, it is also well worth the expense when we know the benefits it gives in keeping our family and assets safe.

Having a good home alarm system will lessen the chances of intruders breaking into the house. If you have a home alarm installed and someone attempts to break in, the alarm will instantly sound off forcing the intruders to run away without causing any harm to your family or stealing any valuables. Burglars prefer to work undetected so anything that confirms their presence is their worst enemy. In addition, a monitored alarm system which is backed by Rapid Response reinforces the security of your home. It is not enough for the alarm to just sound off. Soon the thieves will know that you have no back up and will attempt again. One trick that has been used is to keep on triggering the alarm in one night until you think that the alarm has developed a fault and you switch it off. This in hope that you will call the installer to fix it the next morning. Once you have done this, your home is 100% exposed and the thieves will instantly pounce on you.
Here are some of the benefits of installing a home alarm backed by Rapid Response:
1. Affordability
Home alarm system are the most affordable security options for your home. From as little as $195 one can have a SECURICO Burglar Alarm system installed. Rapid Reaction comes with additional costs which are paid quarterly. These however are very much affordable compared to the cost of your asserts and the invaluable costs of the wellbeing of your family.
NB* Home invasions are now a common occurrence, it is no longer advisable to investigate noises outside the house at night, this might be a ploy to get you to open up the home for dangerous criminals who have no care whatsoever for your wellbeing. Leave the investigating for trained professionals by subscribing for rapid response services.
2. 24/7/365 Security
So long as the alarm is armed and working properly, you can be assured of having all-round the clock security. An alarm never sleeps on the job and the moment it is disturbed, it instantly sends a signal to the Rapid Reaction Control Room which triggers a Rapid Response as illustrated in Fig 1.
3. Reduced Insurance Premiums
Many people are not aware of the fact that insurance companies quote lesser premium amounts for those homes that are laced with a home alarm system. Understandably, such homes are protected and carry bleak chances of getting raided or invaded. If the home alarm happens to carry the dual advantage of having an in-built fire alarm, then insurance companies would be too glad to insure your home at reduced rates up to 20 percent.
4. Peace of Mind
Home alarm systems give homeowners enough peace of mind to allow them to be comfortable in their own home. Having an armed security system in your home is like having a personal guard on duty while you sleep. When your alarm goes off; the company first calls the home to verify that a problem exists. If the alarm was set off accidentally, the company notes the event and takes no further action. If indeed there is a definite problem or there is no answer, trained Rapid Reaction teams are quickly dispatched to your premises to physically check for your safety and conduct a security check of your premises. All this, within a few minutes after the triggering of the alarm.
5. Signage signalling that your house protected
When a home alarm system is installed at your home, SECURICO always erects a gate sign subtly announcing that your home is now a no go area for thieves. This sign deters the criminals from even attempting to lay an evil eye on that home. Burglars will always weigh their options before breaking into your home always opting for an easier option.
Please also note:
It is important to use your system as directed by the installer to get the most value from it. Make sure that you timeously arm your system. An unarmed system does not give you any protection. If you seem to always forget to arm your system, you can always program your alarm to arm it’s self automatically at a certain time of the night and disarm in the morning, that way you know home is protected when need be all the time. Also remember that, like any equipment, Home Alarms systems need to be services to keep it working in good condition. Always liaise with your monitoring company to make sure that they are receiving signals from the alarm system once triggered. Good relations are always valued.
Always remember SECURITY BEGINS WITH YOU!! Please do not hesitate to call SECURICO for more information, we are here to help keep you, your family and your property safe.



Few people really bother about security until something happens to them or a neighbor. Little do people know know that the public’s complacent attitude is the burglar’s best friend and your worst enemy. There are many things the average person can do to make their home less of a target. The tips below will get you started on the right road.

Considering the amount of time we spend in our homes, there is no doubt to why we should spend so much time worrying about the safety and security within our homes.

 An easy way to make your home feel safe is to lock your doors and close your windows. Always ensure that all you take time every week or fortnight to make sure all your external doors and windows are intact and cannot be easily forced open. If someone is scouting your home, they will see that you always use keys to enter, which is a good deterrent for burglars.

 Invest in an external motion sensor system to trigger a main external light to light up your front step, which is an easy to afford option – lights scare prowlers off and they are also a sign to show that you are security conscious.

 Investing in a basic home security system is worthwhile – if any exterior windows are doors are opened while the system is active, sirens will sound. Having your alarm monitored by an alarm monitoring company ensures you will have adequate help whenever it is needed. NB* Rapid response services are very affordable prior to contrary belief.

 Consider investing in a fire-proof and water-proof safe if you have a higher end need for safety and valuable assets to protect. If you want to keep any irreplaceable documents, they need to be kept in a waterproof environment. Your safe should be bolted down to the floor; a burglar might not have enough time to break into the safe but he will carry it with him to open it later.

 Learn about your neighborhood, and if your home is in a neighborhood with a higher rate of crime, consider installing burglar bars on windows. They are a visible sign of physical security. They say “Knowledge is power” knowing about the type of crimes that take place in your neighborhood better positions you to protect your family and valuables.

 Keep your curtains closed – they make it harder to see in if someone is trying to figure out if you have anything worth stealing. By being private about what you have in your house you reduce your risk of having a break inn; burglars will never break in if they are not certain that they will find something worth their while to steal.

 The safest home is one in a safe community. Be involved in your community – a strong community has a better chance of rejecting any negative criminal elements as well as supporting positive ones. Community programs like Neighborhood Watch encourage each member of a community to watch out for each other, and as a result, common crime in those neighborhoods is dramatically lower. Community programs help communities know each other making it easier to recognize those that do not belong.

 Be Proactive – Planning ahead is how you stay ahead of the enemy. Before they strike, tighten your security. At home, get the necessary security in place. Feel free to contact us for a threat assessment of your residence.

 Never Give Out Information Carelessly – This seems rather normal for most Zimbabweans, secret memos and data leak out of our lips either willingly, in pubs or even in an atmosphere of hysteria. Always ensure cogent information about you or members of your family are shared amongst those trustworthy. Never give vital information to persons unfamiliar to you.

Remember, the two things a burglar fears most are being seen and having to take too much time to complete the crime. Your security is in your hands and just as charity begins at home, Security begins with You!!

NB: when implementing community neighborhood watch programs, call on us – we can sit in and give you professional advice for no charge.

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