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With the winter now in full swing, we all want to be warmly tucked in the comfort of our homes. We also want to be sure our families are safe when we sleep during these long nights. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the winter season to ensure your safety:
– First of all, use the door locks that you already have, home invasions usually take place when the whole family is glued to the TV.
– Make sure your alarm is working.
– Make it a nightly routine to check the locks. Involve the children, too.
– Don’t open the door and don’t let kids open the door to uninvited strangers.
– Stick around when people are working in your home. Notice what they’re doing. Check after they’ve left to ensure that nothing’s missing and that no one has left a window or door unlocked as a way to break in later.
– Have a family discussion to plan what you’ll do in case of a break-in or home invasion. Whoever can escape should. Although the first instinct of many men may be to stay and defend their family, it’s better to get reinforcements than to get hurt.
– Upgrade your house number. You want your home’s street number easily seen in the dark from across the street so reaction crews can find you pronto in an emergency. Keep plants around the number well-trimmed.
– Burglars know that older sliding doors can be lifted right out of their frames. If yours is the type that pops out, install sheet-metal screws into the upper door track, screwing them in only halfway. The protruding screw fills the gap between door and frame, keeping the door in place.
Your safety is our concern, always remember: Security starts with you. STAY SAFE!

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