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As we start on the New Year it is imperative to review our security situations as corporates. With the current economic status, we are at the moment in the country experiencing increased levels of crime particularly in office and industrial areas. There are a number of costless operational things that you can incorporate to improve your security situation, we have listed these below:

  1. Key Security: Know which keys you have and to which locks, making sure that keys issued on a temporary basis are returned. Assign someone to keep a record of key movement. This can either be a security guard at your premise or maybe your receptionist. It becomes easier to track (a log book will be a lot of help)
  2. Locking Doors and Windows: Have someone responsible for locking interior and exterior doors and checking if all window have been closed. If there is an alarm, make sure that it is armed by the last person leaving the building You can liaise with your Rapid Response to notify you if your alarm has not been armed by a certain time.
  3. Securing Office: Use inventory control and keep detailed records (Tag and inventory property) and place follow up policies.

4.     Petty Cash: Use a locked cash box and never write down safe combinations. Don’t let cash accumulate; set an amount at which it is to be deposited. If you handle large sums of money, engage a Cash In Transit service provider to secure your cash until it is banked.

  1. Service personnel: Ask for positive identification from service personnel and verify their purpose in your area by checking work orders.


Enforce a “No Solicitation” policy as these can be a trick to scope out your building interior. Alarms connected to offsite monitoring will prove to be helpful at night to signal for aid from Rapid Response teams incase security guards have been over powered by armed burglars. Carry out regular security surveys internally on a monthly basis and please do not hesitate to contact us for some Professional advice, it might be the difference between a secure and unsecure premise.

Always remember: A thief can be anyone! A thief is an opportunist! A thief wants to be quick! Be aware, be proactive. If you think something might be amiss, then seriously look into it; because SECURITY BEGINS WITH YOU!!

Why Review your Security?

Regularly reviewing your security from time to time is very important and will help you reduce your risk from theft especially when we are approaching a holiday, no matter how short, of particular interest the up coming Independence holiday. We shall outline some basic things you need to take note of in order to keep your home safe.


  • Be Informed – Being security conscious begins with a conscious effort to be informed about one’s immediate surroundings. Being informed is all about staying up to date with the current happenings in your environment. It involves staying abreast with trending security issues around you.
  • Identify Weaknesses – Every individual should always note the weaknesses in their home and work hard to solve it. Weaknesses such as bad locks, a bad door or even a faulty bulb could be an incentive for opportunistic theft and thus attract burglars.
  • Access Control – Restriction is another way to be security conscious. The more barriers people have to cross to get to you, the less likely they would. Residential security guards, having a guard dog, installation of CCTV, using technology, and as simple as locking every entry and exit points at home and at work. Access control is all about making it uneasy for anyone to get to you. The physical barriers you set up are meant to discourage the enemy because it lets them know you are alert.
  • The safest home is one in a safe community. Be involved in your community – a strong community has a better chance of rejecting any negative criminal elements as well as supporting positive ones. Community programs like Neighborhood Watch encourage each member of a community to watch out for each other, and as a result, common crime in those neighborhoods is dramatically lower.


Few people really bother about security until something happens to them or a neighbor. The public’s complacent attitude is the burglar’s best friend and your worst enemy. There are many things the average person can do to make their home less of a target. Remember, the two things a burglar fears most are being seen and having to take too much time to complete the crime.

NB: There have been numerous home invasions in and around Harare. Keep doors locked as soon as it gets dark, this type of criminal wants you home and awake when they break in.