Crime trends have always shown that as we go towards year-end, there is sharp increase in the number of crime incidents. With this in mind, you should focus on taking as much control of your cash cycle internally as possible. How you handle your cash as a business has a huge bearing on weather you will become a statistic or not.

We shall look at some systems and procedures you can put in place to reduce your risk of loosing your hard earned cash to armed robbers.

  • When moving cash around your business, it’s important to not draw attention to these activities. Move cash in an unmarked bag or container with as little exposure to the public as possible.
  • Potential robbers will canvas a business they intend to rob in order to familiarize themselves with vulnerabilities on site cash security procedures; hence always assume someone is watching.
  • Along with the obvious precautions involved with cash security, other hidden or behind the scenes cash security measures should be taken, for example a strong and reliable cash safe.
  • Depending on your daily takings we encourage you to have a securely bolted down drop inn safe (Keys of which should be offsite). Access to the safe should be limited to only those employees who have been designated to have it. Change the combination to the safe often and after staff changes.
  • During business a limit of cash in the register is set; when that limit is reached the cash should be stored and must be deposited daily or within 3 days.
  • Use and encourage cashless purchasing e.g. POS machines and also pay workers by direct credit not cash (employees are your greatest risk).
  • Ensure security systems are in working order and operating. No matter how advanced and effective a system may be it counts for nothing if it is dysfunctional or not activated
  • It’s your responsibility as an employer to keep your employee’s safe. Counting cash should be done in a private area where customers cannot see.
  • Minimize the amount of cash you have on site to avoid large losses from theft or fires.

They are countless security products designed to add layers of protection to your business. Use of CCTV cameras both inside and outside your premises will deter criminals. Cameras outside will be able to take crucial footage of whoever might have been suspiciously hanging around before a robbery.


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