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Now that the summer season is here, most families will prefer engaging in outdoor activities not limited to braai’s, pool parties and going on summer vacations. The travelling excitement and the scorching summer heat may lead to several simple mistakes that can brush-off the safety of our families. Furthermore, the same interesting summer season is also a peak season for burglary.

Below are some tips, which you should take into consideration this summer:

  • Unplug and turn off all electronic power strips before you leave your house. This is a prevention against fires from electric faults.
  • Do not open your windows and doors for fresh air at night; Burglars take this as an opportunity to fish valuables from your home.
  • Secure your doors (locks) and windows when going away; alternatively employ the use of magnetic contacts (These are very affordable, yet very effective in preventing burglaries)
  • Do not forget to arm your alarm; coincidentally most home alarm owners are burgled when the alarm is not armed.
  • Do not share your travelling and holiday updates on social media, not all your social media connections make an honest living.
  • Fence off your swimming pool and closely monitor your kids when they are swimming.
  • Always be aware of fires emanating from the veld fires. If your yard is neighboring a bushy area make time to create a fireguard.
  • Gradually invest in integrated security systems. With the current technology you can monitor you home from your mobile phone or laptop whilst travelling.


It pays to secure your home. Burglary can have a long-lasting emotional impact on victims, leaving them feeling isolated and vulnerable. Make sure you have a working home security system, which can have smoke detectors added to decrease your risk from Burglary/Fire. Think like a burglar and be extra cautious to not spoil your summer season. Stay safe this summer.



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