Bio: About Excel guarding Services | CCTV | Fire/burglar Alarms | Access Control | Cash Management | Risk Audits & Investigations Company Overview It all started in a cottage in 1998. . . Rolling up her sleeves back in 1998, SECURICO MD Divine Ndhlukula converted her cottage into an office with four employees, before walking confidently ‘through the door’. . . into a male-dominated and openly prejudicial security industry. Armed with just a small budget, limited knowledge of security and a passionate belief that service quality, professionalism and good old-fashioned organisational skill would win the day, Divine’s SECURICO gradually started to make inroads into the industry. In 2002, SECURICO became the first indigenous security outfit to offer an asset/cash–in–transit service, while in 2005 it founded subsidiary company CANINE Dog Services. Just three years later, an impressive piece of entrepreneurship resulted in the acquiring of established electronic security systems company MultiLink (Pvt) Ltd, an phenomenal feat considering the Zimbabwe economic crises was at its peak in 2008. Now Multi-Link has been integrated into SECURICO as its Electronic Division and has established partnerships in South Africa, China and India and is the second largest electronic security systems provider in Zimbabwe. SECURICO’s cash-in-transit service remains the market leader, with a huge fleet of vehicles. There can be no doubt that Securico has developed into a world-class security services organisation. Recognised for its ISO certifications, industry awards, international partnerships and a happy, motivated and disciplined work force, SECURICO is indeed a pride of the nation. In just over a decade, the company has won over 20 major national and regional awards, with Divine becoming a living African business legend after she was voted African Woman of the Year for 2013. This ultra-prestigious award underscores the incredible success of SECURICO as a company, and is another feather in the cap for a remarkable MD who firmly believes that ‘Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.’

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