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Now that the summer season is here, most families will prefer engaging in outdoor activities not limited to braai’s, pool parties and going on summer vacations. The travelling excitement and the scorching summer heat may lead to several simple mistakes that can brush-off the safety of our families. Furthermore, the same interesting summer season is also a peak season for burglary.

Below are some tips, which you should take into consideration this summer:

  • Unplug and turn off all electronic power strips before you leave your house. This is a prevention against fires from electric faults.
  • Do not open your windows and doors for fresh air at night; Burglars take this as an opportunity to fish valuables from your home.
  • Secure your doors (locks) and windows when going away; alternatively employ the use of magnetic contacts (These are very affordable, yet very effective in preventing burglaries)
  • Do not forget to arm your alarm; coincidentally most home alarm owners are burgled when the alarm is not armed.
  • Do not share your travelling and holiday updates on social media, not all your social media connections make an honest living.
  • Fence off your swimming pool and closely monitor your kids when they are swimming.
  • Always be aware of fires emanating from the veld fires. If your yard is neighboring a bushy area make time to create a fireguard.
  • Gradually invest in integrated security systems. With the current technology you can monitor you home from your mobile phone or laptop whilst travelling.


It pays to secure your home. Burglary can have a long-lasting emotional impact on victims, leaving them feeling isolated and vulnerable. Make sure you have a working home security system, which can have smoke detectors added to decrease your risk from Burglary/Fire. Think like a burglar and be extra cautious to not spoil your summer season. Stay safe this summer.



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Crime trends have always shown that as we go towards year-end, there is sharp increase in the number of crime incidents. With this in mind, you should focus on taking as much control of your cash cycle internally as possible. How you handle your cash as a business has a huge bearing on weather you will become a statistic or not.

We shall look at some systems and procedures you can put in place to reduce your risk of loosing your hard earned cash to armed robbers.

  • When moving cash around your business, it’s important to not draw attention to these activities. Move cash in an unmarked bag or container with as little exposure to the public as possible.
  • Potential robbers will canvas a business they intend to rob in order to familiarize themselves with vulnerabilities on site cash security procedures; hence always assume someone is watching.
  • Along with the obvious precautions involved with cash security, other hidden or behind the scenes cash security measures should be taken, for example a strong and reliable cash safe.
  • Depending on your daily takings we encourage you to have a securely bolted down drop inn safe (Keys of which should be offsite). Access to the safe should be limited to only those employees who have been designated to have it. Change the combination to the safe often and after staff changes.
  • During business a limit of cash in the register is set; when that limit is reached the cash should be stored and must be deposited daily or within 3 days.
  • Use and encourage cashless purchasing e.g. POS machines and also pay workers by direct credit not cash (employees are your greatest risk).
  • Ensure security systems are in working order and operating. No matter how advanced and effective a system may be it counts for nothing if it is dysfunctional or not activated
  • It’s your responsibility as an employer to keep your employee’s safe. Counting cash should be done in a private area where customers cannot see.
  • Minimize the amount of cash you have on site to avoid large losses from theft or fires.

They are countless security products designed to add layers of protection to your business. Use of CCTV cameras both inside and outside your premises will deter criminals. Cameras outside will be able to take crucial footage of whoever might have been suspiciously hanging around before a robbery.


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As we start on the New Year it is imperative to review our security situations as corporates. With the current economic status, we are at the moment in the country experiencing increased levels of crime particularly in office and industrial areas. There are a number of costless operational things that you can incorporate to improve your security situation, we have listed these below:

  1. Key Security: Know which keys you have and to which locks, making sure that keys issued on a temporary basis are returned. Assign someone to keep a record of key movement. This can either be a security guard at your premise or maybe your receptionist. It becomes easier to track (a log book will be a lot of help)
  2. Locking Doors and Windows: Have someone responsible for locking interior and exterior doors and checking if all window have been closed. If there is an alarm, make sure that it is armed by the last person leaving the building You can liaise with your Rapid Response to notify you if your alarm has not been armed by a certain time.
  3. Securing Office: Use inventory control and keep detailed records (Tag and inventory property) and place follow up policies.

4.     Petty Cash: Use a locked cash box and never write down safe combinations. Don’t let cash accumulate; set an amount at which it is to be deposited. If you handle large sums of money, engage a Cash In Transit service provider to secure your cash until it is banked.

  1. Service personnel: Ask for positive identification from service personnel and verify their purpose in your area by checking work orders.


Enforce a “No Solicitation” policy as these can be a trick to scope out your building interior. Alarms connected to offsite monitoring will prove to be helpful at night to signal for aid from Rapid Response teams incase security guards have been over powered by armed burglars. Carry out regular security surveys internally on a monthly basis and please do not hesitate to contact us for some Professional advice, it might be the difference between a secure and unsecure premise.

Always remember: A thief can be anyone! A thief is an opportunist! A thief wants to be quick! Be aware, be proactive. If you think something might be amiss, then seriously look into it; because SECURITY BEGINS WITH YOU!!

Why Review your Security?

Regularly reviewing your security from time to time is very important and will help you reduce your risk from theft especially when we are approaching a holiday, no matter how short, of particular interest the up coming Independence holiday. We shall outline some basic things you need to take note of in order to keep your home safe.


  • Be Informed – Being security conscious begins with a conscious effort to be informed about one’s immediate surroundings. Being informed is all about staying up to date with the current happenings in your environment. It involves staying abreast with trending security issues around you.
  • Identify Weaknesses – Every individual should always note the weaknesses in their home and work hard to solve it. Weaknesses such as bad locks, a bad door or even a faulty bulb could be an incentive for opportunistic theft and thus attract burglars.
  • Access Control – Restriction is another way to be security conscious. The more barriers people have to cross to get to you, the less likely they would. Residential security guards, having a guard dog, installation of CCTV, using technology, and as simple as locking every entry and exit points at home and at work. Access control is all about making it uneasy for anyone to get to you. The physical barriers you set up are meant to discourage the enemy because it lets them know you are alert.
  • The safest home is one in a safe community. Be involved in your community – a strong community has a better chance of rejecting any negative criminal elements as well as supporting positive ones. Community programs like Neighborhood Watch encourage each member of a community to watch out for each other, and as a result, common crime in those neighborhoods is dramatically lower.


Few people really bother about security until something happens to them or a neighbor. The public’s complacent attitude is the burglar’s best friend and your worst enemy. There are many things the average person can do to make their home less of a target. Remember, the two things a burglar fears most are being seen and having to take too much time to complete the crime.

NB: There have been numerous home invasions in and around Harare. Keep doors locked as soon as it gets dark, this type of criminal wants you home and awake when they break in.


Due to constant power cuts and as seen with recent events, fire risk in Zimbabwe has increased. With the decay in our social systems and corruption now being the order of the day, building regulations are not adhered to resulting in substandard electrical wiring, plumbing etc. All these factors rally in on the need for homeowners and corporates to seriously evaluate fire risk.
The consequences of a fire can be devastating. Other than the obvious loss of life and property, the loss of important company documents and information can deal a deadly blow.
Technology now plays a big role in our daily lives, more so protecting us from fire outbreaks as well. Adding smoke detectors to an existing alarm is a very cost effective and affordable solution for early fire detection for both domestic and commercial premises. Because using LP gas to prepare meals has become the order of the day in many households; fire due to gas leaks is a risk almost all us have to live with. Adding an LP gas detector to your existing alarm will go a long way in ensuring you are aware of any gas leakage in time to prevent an explosion. This will greatly reduce your level of fire risk especially in restaurants and fast food outlets were several gas stoves maybe working at the same time.

Negligence is the leading cause of fire outbreaks worldwide. Simply evaluating your risk and conscientising your family/workforce on those risks will go a long way in preventing unwanted fire outbreaks. Always remember “Safety Begins with YOU”; your family’s life, your business, your employee’s safety and client’s safety is in your hands.

Feel free to contact us for solutions to reduce your risk of fire outbreak; we are available to assist you 24/7.


With the winter now in full swing, we all want to be warmly tucked in the comfort of our homes. We also want to be sure our families are safe when we sleep during these long nights. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the winter season to ensure your safety:
– First of all, use the door locks that you already have, home invasions usually take place when the whole family is glued to the TV.
– Make sure your alarm is working.
– Make it a nightly routine to check the locks. Involve the children, too.
– Don’t open the door and don’t let kids open the door to uninvited strangers.
– Stick around when people are working in your home. Notice what they’re doing. Check after they’ve left to ensure that nothing’s missing and that no one has left a window or door unlocked as a way to break in later.
– Have a family discussion to plan what you’ll do in case of a break-in or home invasion. Whoever can escape should. Although the first instinct of many men may be to stay and defend their family, it’s better to get reinforcements than to get hurt.
– Upgrade your house number. You want your home’s street number easily seen in the dark from across the street so reaction crews can find you pronto in an emergency. Keep plants around the number well-trimmed.
– Burglars know that older sliding doors can be lifted right out of their frames. If yours is the type that pops out, install sheet-metal screws into the upper door track, screwing them in only halfway. The protruding screw fills the gap between door and frame, keeping the door in place.
Your safety is our concern, always remember: Security starts with you. STAY SAFE!

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Home Alarms Systems… an affordable option to your safety.

We always want our families and assets to be safe. It is one of the most important things to us. With the state of our current economy, crime has become more prevalent in residential areas. To reinforce security at your home, one can consider installing a home alarm systems. Aside from the fact that it is affordable to have a home alarm system, it is also well worth the expense when we know the benefits it gives in keeping our family and assets safe.

Having a good home alarm system will lessen the chances of intruders breaking into the house. If you have a home alarm installed and someone attempts to break in, the alarm will instantly sound off forcing the intruders to run away without causing any harm to your family or stealing any valuables. Burglars prefer to work undetected so anything that confirms their presence is their worst enemy. In addition, a monitored alarm system which is backed by Rapid Response reinforces the security of your home. It is not enough for the alarm to just sound off. Soon the thieves will know that you have no back up and will attempt again. One trick that has been used is to keep on triggering the alarm in one night until you think that the alarm has developed a fault and you switch it off. This in hope that you will call the installer to fix it the next morning. Once you have done this, your home is 100% exposed and the thieves will instantly pounce on you.
Here are some of the benefits of installing a home alarm backed by Rapid Response:
1. Affordability
Home alarm system are the most affordable security options for your home. From as little as $195 one can have a SECURICO Burglar Alarm system installed. Rapid Reaction comes with additional costs which are paid quarterly. These however are very much affordable compared to the cost of your asserts and the invaluable costs of the wellbeing of your family.
NB* Home invasions are now a common occurrence, it is no longer advisable to investigate noises outside the house at night, this might be a ploy to get you to open up the home for dangerous criminals who have no care whatsoever for your wellbeing. Leave the investigating for trained professionals by subscribing for rapid response services.
2. 24/7/365 Security
So long as the alarm is armed and working properly, you can be assured of having all-round the clock security. An alarm never sleeps on the job and the moment it is disturbed, it instantly sends a signal to the Rapid Reaction Control Room which triggers a Rapid Response as illustrated in Fig 1.
3. Reduced Insurance Premiums
Many people are not aware of the fact that insurance companies quote lesser premium amounts for those homes that are laced with a home alarm system. Understandably, such homes are protected and carry bleak chances of getting raided or invaded. If the home alarm happens to carry the dual advantage of having an in-built fire alarm, then insurance companies would be too glad to insure your home at reduced rates up to 20 percent.
4. Peace of Mind
Home alarm systems give homeowners enough peace of mind to allow them to be comfortable in their own home. Having an armed security system in your home is like having a personal guard on duty while you sleep. When your alarm goes off; the company first calls the home to verify that a problem exists. If the alarm was set off accidentally, the company notes the event and takes no further action. If indeed there is a definite problem or there is no answer, trained Rapid Reaction teams are quickly dispatched to your premises to physically check for your safety and conduct a security check of your premises. All this, within a few minutes after the triggering of the alarm.
5. Signage signalling that your house protected
When a home alarm system is installed at your home, SECURICO always erects a gate sign subtly announcing that your home is now a no go area for thieves. This sign deters the criminals from even attempting to lay an evil eye on that home. Burglars will always weigh their options before breaking into your home always opting for an easier option.
Please also note:
It is important to use your system as directed by the installer to get the most value from it. Make sure that you timeously arm your system. An unarmed system does not give you any protection. If you seem to always forget to arm your system, you can always program your alarm to arm it’s self automatically at a certain time of the night and disarm in the morning, that way you know home is protected when need be all the time. Also remember that, like any equipment, Home Alarms systems need to be services to keep it working in good condition. Always liaise with your monitoring company to make sure that they are receiving signals from the alarm system once triggered. Good relations are always valued.
Always remember SECURITY BEGINS WITH YOU!! Please do not hesitate to call SECURICO for more information, we are here to help keep you, your family and your property safe.

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